Helping Students Learn By Doing

A project-based learning platform for Schools

We provide the support & structure students need to start projects & learn essential skills. We personalise their learning journeys and reward them when they make real-world progress on their projects. 

Private Online Community

Join other students and learn new skills to succeed.

We personalise each students learning path based on their project goals. Project Management. Design. Fundraising. Lean Startup. We cover it all.

Students keep each other accountable with a little help from us of course. 

Learning Without Consequences

The freedom to learn without judgement

Students create an anonymous profile & set themselves free from judgement & failure. Students get to start that project they’ve always dreamed of without fear of what will happen if it fails.

Unlock Rewards

The more you engage, the more you earn

Mentoring from experts, special events, software licenses, coaching & even cash. Students get rewarded for the progress they make each week & unlock support to propel their project further forward. 

How It Works

The Trail

Join Trailblazer

Step 1

Start A Project

Step 2

Earn Points

Step 3

Unlock Rewards

Step 4

Students can work on their projects for as long as they like. So long as they are learning & making progress, they’ll continue to unlock & retain access to rewards.

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